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Questions from the textchat

Hi Neil,

Here is a very long list of questions from the audience during your inspiring talk:


  • Can we say that anyone who does continuous introspection is doing autoethnography?
  • when it comes to putting this in writing - how do you cope with your explanations of situations that might be at odds with how others would interpret the situation?
  • There is othe tools or not expect own-slf experienced in Auto-ethnography approach?
  • What are the differences between auto-ethnography orautoethnogra phy and autobiography?
  • how did you maintain relaibility ?
  • what kind of material (data) one collects usually? And how would you make a border between memories/narration/introspection and autoethnography?
  • Have you pubished the results of this autoethnography?
  • How can maintain quality standards in auto-ethnography research?
  • Are you in effect using yourself as a case study?
  • How can in this case of self-ethnography the (artificial) allienation of the researcher to his "object" beeing constructed/assured?
  • this would be hilight for many poeple who had difiiculties in learning. I think your personal experience is a boost of confidence forĀ  many ones in similar situations
  • how would one present a life narrative like this if one didn't have a "happy end" perspective (yet)? does one need to wait to "get there" in order to consider (at least the @first phase" of) the narrative "complete" and appropriate/ready to be published? it seems to have quite a "story" structure in that sense, quite like fiction..

Thank you for responding so fully