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Incorporating autoethnography into mixed methods

Hello Neil, 

Thank you for your talk this morning and apologies that I had to leave early to get to another meeting.
I am getting a strong steer from my supervisor that it would be appropriate to use autoethnography in my EdD research, but I am struggling with understanding how to use it. I see very clearly how it is useful to understand my own context more deeply in order to recognise where my own experience influences the way I might interpret and respond to the experiences of others. But I'm struggling with how to actively use my experience as part of my data. 

Do you have any advice on how to incorporate autoethnography into a study which is mainly interview based and how to avoid it being self indulgent? 
I also have a challenge as I expect that one of the key actors in my life experience would disagree with my description and interpretation of some of my experience, which I feel is key within my story. 

Any advice? 




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