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if you have questions

Hello everyone,

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or to send them to my email. Feel free to ask Susanne or Ursula for my email. 

All the best,


Dear Jan,

For an online qualitative analysis to a very wide and complex body of knowledge (Multimodal CDA), which programme do you recommend: MAXQDA or Atlas.ti?

Thank you,

Dear Deborah, I believe this largely depends on what you need to represent. There are so many comparisons on the both these programs, that it really depends on your goals. Remember that they represent the knowledge in a different way. Please check this link and let me know if your question has been answered.  
Here is a concluding sentence which I believe helps: "Each software was built with a different purpose in mind. I enjoy working with the semantic networks of ATLAS.ti, yet the Mixed Methods tools within MAXQDA are also very powerful. For me, both will remain, not just in my teaching portfolio, but also in my toolbox for future research."

Many thanks for your answer, I will keep the info in mind and will check the link as well,

I started my PhD a few month ago (part-time), therefore, I still am not very sure about my exact focus yet.

It'll come in time...

Also, be aware of the representation possibilities and what kind of insights they offer.