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Hello from France

Hello to you all,

I'm Annabel, PhD student in University of Franche-Comté (France), end of the 1st year.

I'm working on French Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourse.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about your research questions, methods, data, etc.



Oh, wow, Annabel,

with your topic you will have a lot of work to do! Fascination. I'm sure the discourse sessions will be very informative for you.



Hi, Annabel,


It's great to see someone who is working within the domain of international politics! I was 'looking around' a lot and asking whether there was a participant doing discourse studies in (intl') politics and I am happy to find someone.


What are you working on? What is your project?


I'm Sarkhan, by the way. I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Urbino (Italy).


I work on a very specific knowledge (penology) produced by the Council of Europe.



Hi Sarkhan,

My project is to study the evolution (or what doesn't change) though the 5th Republic in the minister's speeches : does that depend on world events, on people (gender, age, life course, etc.) and so on. I'd like to cross different settings on a big corpora, through textometric , but also ethnographic and investigation methods (interviews, etc.).

I'm currently building my corpora, collecting data, and reading...

What about your project ?