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Comments and Questions from Presentation

These comments and questions were gathered during the presentation and discussion:


  • I'm not too sure about the idea of 'signs projecting identity' as I've always thought of it as a construct of the individual. Could you explain a bit on this?
  • I'm thinking about including the concept of "multimodal semiotics" in my discourse analysis...Would it be correct to say that the texts I'm using may be examples of 'multimodal semiotics' if they include written words, color photography and other visual images, such as graphs and maps, etc.?
  • It sounds like social semioticians read identity off of still signs, while discourse analysts embrace identity as emerging from interactions. Am I right in thinking this?
  • I also wonder if there would be a middle ground between these two approaches, and are we concerned with the designer of the artifact and also the viewer/recipient at all?


  • Are you involved in semiotranslation? Have you done work in this area?
    What role do power relations play in analyses done with a social semiotic approach?
  • Can you analyse how different modes are embued with different power/ effect, or how powerful actors have "access" to certain modes much more than others, or how less powerful actors can appropriate certain modes for their own purposes?
  • NVivo
  • Atlas-ti
  • MaxQDA
  • Elabeth Adami



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