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Comments and Questions from Presentation

These comments and questions were gathered during the presentation and discussion:

  • Where does the role of how the human being interprets language fit in to CDA analyses?e. does the psychology of individual language processing have a place in CDA research?
  • Do threatening discourses cause certain reactions that make legitimisation more palatable?
  • Teaun A. van dijk's 'socio cognitive' approach
  • What would be macro semantic propositions?
  • Do you see synergies with phenomenology?
  • To what extent do you have to align with the specific analytical categories that Wodak et al. propose to consider your work DHA. I take more of a functional grammar approach at the microlinguistic level but would argue that my work aligns with DHA in terms of the focus on context, as well as the alignment with text-immanent, socio-diagnostic and prognostic critiques...
  • What is topos
  • Does following DHA suggest a greater interest in more long-term historical context too?
  • What is the connection between CDA and rhetorics? How can we merge these two?

Is CDA perhaps more of a school of thought and rhetorical analysis might be the approach?


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