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Comments and Questions from Presentation

These comments and questions were gathered during the presentation and discussion:

  • I have a background in Advertising and Eye-tracking has been used a lot specially for the creation of more efficient layouts 🙂
  • software: Tobii
  • Could you please write the researcher's name who is doing pure eyetracking data? – Rayner
  • Well utilized in psycholinguistics and reading research.
  • To what extent is this a violation of one’s intimacy? Do you see an ethical aspect of this method in general?
  • something came up on Twitter this morning in Canadian context, students being monitored BUT totally different to Uschi's employment of eye tracking in ethical research
  • does the fact that students know their gaze is being recorded mean that their behaviour is different?
  • I am doing a course on Facilitating Virtual Training and the recommendation is to have an engagement activty every 3-5 minutes..
  • this is unbelievably interesting - has also been used in translation studies



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