In this lecture, I build on Jaspal Naveel Singh’s Thursday’s lecture on historical foundations of ethnographic discourse studies to explore how to operationalise some of the key ideas. To illustrate strengths and limits of ethnographic and discourse analytic methods I present field notes and transcripts from two Studies of Work research projects – one of museum work and the other of police work. I focus on social interactions in these institutional contexts and make suggestions about how to integrate ethnography and conversation analysis in a microsociological contextualisation analysis. In the case of the museum study, I analyse how producers and visitors of a French-German exhibition negotiate public representations of immigrants in both countries. In the police study, I examine the sequential development of social relations between the police and youth in community policing activities. Lastly, I discuss how ethnographic focus groups can be of use to discuss transcripts and field notes with practitioners of the workplace studied. Students are welcome to contribute and discuss their ideas on how to fruitfully combine or integrate ethnography and discourse studies.

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